From South Wales to New South Wales!

Our online choir unites members from all over the world in a shared love of singing incredible songs.

What is Superchoir?

We’re an online choir that welcomes anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world – our only requirements are that you love singing and want to have fun doing it! Our lively sessions run via Zoom and we perform songs from a range of genres and eras: one week you could be rocking out to Queen, the next getting your diva on with Beyoncé. We sing anything from three- to six-part harmonies and it’s all taught by ear, so there is no need to be able to read music. You simply listen and join in.

Singing with us is all about shaking off your worries and savouring the simple pleasure of singing your heart out. Our choir may be virtual but the impact it has is very real: our members regularly tell us that they feel energised, less stressed, happier and more confident after a Superchoir session.

The Story of Superchoir

In 2010, Andrea Callanan – a globally renowned voice, mindset and business coach – had a vision of creating a pop choir in Cardiff Bay. Her aim was to bring like-minded people together to sing uplifting songs in a vibrant, welcoming environment that was all about letting go and embracing the phenomenal benefits of group singing. And boy, did she achieve that goal!

Superchoir was born and the group quickly began to feel more like a family than a choir. Andrea was inspired to set up more choirs across Wales and the buzz spread throughout local communities and beyond, with our unique arrangements and joyful spirit gaining us quite the reputation! We performed at everything from open-air festivals and stadiums to weddings and flash mobs, and we loved every minute.

Sadly, like many other businesses, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020 we had to stop our physical meetings and performances. But we refused to allow our joy train to be stopped in its tracks. In fact, we saw it as an opportunity to travel beyond the Welsh borders and take Superchoir global! Harnessing the power of Zoom, we continued to connect our existing choristers while also reaching out to new members, uniting them in song week in, week out.

Seeing the Superchoir vibe travel across different continents and time zones was nothing short of amazing. It was an honour to give our members a weekly hour or two of light through what was a dark and difficult time for so many. The energy and positivity that defined our physical choirs was just as tangible in our virtual sessions – so much so that our online choir is here to stay! We of course look forward to the day when our choirs can meet and perform again, but we’ll continue to offer our Zoom-choir sessions for anyone who wants to sing with us virtually, regardless of location, experience or ability.

Because we believe there should be no limitations when it comes to sharing the joy of singing.

Meet our Choir Motivators


Superchoir Tech Support and Communications Manager

Rose joined us in 2019 as a student intern but has become a permanent member of the team through her positivity and hard work! She loves chatting to Superchoir members and getting involved in the sessions. She is a joyful presence, giving help where needed and willingly taking on new roles.


Director of Superchoir and Head of Music

Emily is a classically trained singer who obtained all her singing grades by the age of fifteen – no mean feat! She uses her musical talent and passion for people to inspire our members and help them grow in confidence each week.


Director of Superchoir and Head of Innovation

Chloe has been with us since 2015 and has been a sparkling force of positivity behind everything from running our online sessions to producing our recording projects. Outside of Superchoir, she writes songs and performs feel-good acoustic covers with her band.