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Calon Lan

Calon Lan – lyrics

Calon Lan – alto

Calon Lan – baritone

Calon Lan – soprano

Calon Lan – full mix

Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven)

Cwm Rhondda – lyrics

Cwm Rhondda – alto

Cwm Rhondda – baritone

Cwm Rhondda – soprano

Cwm Rhondda -full mix

French National Anthem (La Maerseilles)

French National Anthem – lyrics

French National Anthem – alto

French National Anthem – baritone

French National Anthem – soprano

French National Anthem – full mix

Hymns and Arias

Hymns and Arias – lyrics

Hymns and Arias – alto

Hymns and Arias – baritone

Hymns and Arias – soprano

Hymns and Arias – full mix


Rachie – lyrics

Rachie – alto

Rachie – baritone

Rachie – soprano

Rachie – full mix


Sanctus – lyrics

Sanctus – alto

Sanctus – baritone

Sanctus – soprano

Sanctus – full mix

Welsh National Anthem

Welsh National Anthem – lyrics

Welsh National Anthem – alto

Welsh National Anthem – baritone

Welsh National Anthem – soprano

Welsh National Anthem – full mix

Yma O Hyd

Yma O Hyd – lyrics

Yma O Hyd – alto

Yma O Hyd – baritone

Yma O Hyd – soprano

Yma O Hyd – full mix




Celebration – lyrics

Celebration – full mix

Celebration – alto

Celebration – baritone

Celebration – soprano

Feeling Good

Feeling Good – Lyric Sheet

Feeling Good – Full Mix

Feeling Good – Baritone

Feeling Good – Alto 2

Feeling Good – Soprano 1

Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher Full Mix

Higher and Higher Soprano 1

Higher and Higher Alto

Higher and Higher Baritone

Higher and Higher Lyrics

Higher Love

Higher Love Full Mix

Higher Love Baritone

Higher Love Alto

Higher Love Soprano

Higher Love Lyrics

I’m Still Standing

I’m Still Standing Full Mix

I’m Still Standing Baritone

I’m Still Standing Alto 1

I’m Still Standing Soprano

I’m Still Standing Lyrics

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air Full Mix

Love Is In The Air Baritone

Love Is In The Air Alto

Love Is In The Air Soprano

Love Is In The Air Lyrics

Movin’ On Up

Movin’ On Up – Lyrics

Movin’ On Up – Full Mix

Movin’ On Up – Baritone

Movin’ On Up – Alto 2

Movin’ On Up – Soprano 2

One Day Like This

One Day Like This Full Mix

One Day Like This Baritone

One Day Like This Alto

One Day Like This Soprano

One Day Like This Lyrics

Praise You

Praise You Lyric Sheet

Praise You Full Mix

Praise You Baritone

Praise You Alto 2

Praise You Soprano 2

Take Your Mama

Take Your Mama Full Mix

Take Your Mama Baritone

Take Your Mama Alto

Take Your Mama Soprano

Take Your Mama Lyrics

Times Like These

Times Like These Baritone

Times Like These Alto

Times Like These Soprano

Times Like These Full Mix

Times Like These lyrics

When Love Takes Over

When Love Takes Over – Lyrics

When Love Takes Over – Alto

When Love Takes Over – Baritone

When Love Takes Over – Soprano

When Love Takes Over – Full Mix



Vocal Recording Guide

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How to record your harmonies (audio only) at home using an Android

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