Should you have any questions regarding Superchoir check out our frequently asked questions section below…as the chances are the answer is already here!

Superchoir was born in 2010 to create a space where everyone with a love for singing could shake off their worries, build authentic friendships and create incredible music together.

Superchoir Online started in 2020 to create a space where people can connect and sing in a virtual space whilst social distancing measures are in place due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Anybody over the age of 18 years old can join Superchoir Online! No audition or previous experience is required, and we teach all arrangements from ear so there is no need to read music.

We use video conferencing software called Zoom. When you buy your Superchoir Online membership, you will be added to a choir mailing list. Each week, you’ll be emailed a Zoom link which will give you access to the online session. This software is free for you to participate in.

You can partake in sessions using your Zoom compatible devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets that have a microphone and camera or webcam installed.

It is recommended that you use headphones to experience better audio quality, though this is not essential.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7-8pm.

Members pay £19.99 a month on a rolling monthly membership. This provides access to weekly online sessions, an online harmony learning page, lyric sheets, exciting virtual choir performances and more!

Yes! Family members are allowed to sit in on a session with you. If they would like to use their own link and device, they will need to pay for their own membership.

You can sign up now! Email team@wearesuperchoir.com.