The Superchoir Scoop

When you join a virtual choir on Zoom, you soon learn there are certain things only members can relate to.
Superchoir released their Valentine’s Day virtual performance on the big day itself to spread a little more much-needed love in 2021.
On Wednesday 27th January, Superchoir are releasing their first ever charity single. Over 100 singers have come together to sing their take on the Foo Fighter’s “Times Like These”.
There is so much that singing can do for you, things you may not have ever even considered! There are countless positive side effects that you could be benefitting from just by in cooperating a good old sing-song somewhere into your day!
Mental ill health is complex; people can face difficulties such as stigma, exclusion and isolation, as well as trying to cope with a very debilitating experience. Recovery or management is not always a straightforward process.
In honour of Luna’s life, Philippa is raising money for the neonatal department at the Cardiff and the Vale Health Charity. The team at Superchoir have all rallied around to create a virtual choir performance fundraiser with the song ‘Times Like These’ by the Foo Fighters.
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