6th April 2021

5 Reasons you should sing: Even if you think you can't

Here at Superchoir – whilst we know our online choir members create the most wonderful harmonies – we value singing on how it makes our members feel.

There’s often an assumption made when it comes to singing in a virtual choir that you need to consider yourself a ‘good singer’ to participate. At Superchoir, we believe everybody should be given the opportunity to sing. It’s such a joyful and uplifting activity that’s scientifically proven to be good for us, regardless of how we think we sound.  

First off, I firmly believe everybody can sing. If you can make a noise, wiggle your pitch around and have fun whilst doing so, you’re pretty much all set in my opinion.  

Most often, singing is valued by how it sounds; how high a person can sing, how strong somebody’s voice is, or how rich a tone a person has. Here at Superchoir – whilst we know our online choir members create the most wonderful harmonies – we value singing on how it makes our members feel. This is important to consider, as singing in a choir has so many emotional and wellbeing benefits that everyone can experience, regardless of ability or expertise.     

Here are 5 reasons you should sing, even if you think you can’t. 

1. Singing is a great confidence booster.

The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it. Your voice is unique and wonderful – no one else on the planet has your distinct voice! Building vocal confidence by joining an online singing group will transfer into many other areas of your life, especially if you use your voice a lot at work. 

2. Singing helps reduce stress and tension.

When you sing – regardless of how you think you sound – a hormone called Oxytocin is released around your body. This hormone helps alleviate anxiety and stress, making singing an excellent way to relax and boost your mood.  

3. Singing is a workout for your lungs.

When you sing, you are encouraged to take deep, relaxed breaths in between your harmony lines. This type of breath control can increase your lung capacity and it promotes oxygen in the bloodstream. Regular singing can even help strengthen the muscles you use to breath! 

4. Singing in a choir offers a sense of belonging. 

Superchoir has the most wonderful community of people who connect through a love of singing. Joining a choir can help you find your tribe and make new and lasting friendships.  

5. Singing is scientifically proven to be good for you. 

‘Feel-good’ endorphins are released around your body when you sing. This hormone helps improve our sense of happiness and wellbeing, and is responsible for boosting our mood and making us feel great. Many people attribute their boosted happiness to joining a choir, and it’s no surprise when you consider the positive psychological effect singing has. 

So, there you have it – five reasons to sing, even if you think you can’t! Superchoir is always excited to welcome new members, so get in touch today and see how weekly online singing can positively impact your life! 

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