19th February 2021

6 Things Every Online Choir Member Understands

At Superchoir, we understand the amazing health and well-being benefits of singing in a virtual choir.

Singing releases endorphins (the happy hormones) that elevate our mood, relieve stress and get us ready to seize the day.

If you’re asking yourself the question, can I join a virtual choir?, the answer is yes you can!! 

When you join a virtual choir on Zoom, you soon learn there are certain things only members can relate to.

1. You feel like a superstar when you sing

You’re a superstar in a supergroup during an online choir rehearsal. You feel part of something that’s feel-great and good for the soul!

2. You sing your harmony lines along with the car radio – and love it!

We all do it. Your harmony line becomes the new way to sing a song!

When you turn on the radio and Beyoncé is riffing through the car speakers, it makes perfect sense to sing your harmony lines loudly and proudly over the top!

3. Your fellow choristers become good friends

Many people attend an online choir class for reasons other than just loving to sing. In virtual choir rehearsals you see friendly faces, chat to other members and sing awesome songs together.

At Superchoir, lots of choristers keep in touch with their choir friends throughout the week in our members-only Facebook group too!

Once you’ve found the best virtual choir for you, we recommend jumping straight in and seeing for yourself how much fun online singing really is! 

4. Christmas comes early

This is one of my favourites. Christmas arrangements can start as early as September when you join a virtual choir. By the time December arrives, you’ll be feeling super festive and ready to put up those Christmas decorations with bells on!!

5. Every virtual choir has a signature song

If you’re in an online choir and reading this, you know the one.

6. Singing is good for you

Singing has so many health benefits. Prevention.com wrote,

“Studies show positive mood changes among choir singers, including feeling happier, less anxious, less depressed, and overall more plucky about what life has to offer.”

What’s not to love about feeling plucky?

Here at Superchoir Online, anybody over the age of eighteen can join us.

We love having people from all walks of life singing with us and we’re always welcoming new members. We can’t wait to see what unique vibrancy they bring to the tribe. You can find out more about becoming a member here.

Thanks for reading!

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