4th January 2021

8 Reasons to Sing Every Day

There is so much that singing can do for you… things you may not have ever even considered! There are countless positive side effects that you could be benefitting from just by incorporating a good old sing-song somewhere into your day!

So, whether you consider yourself to be a bit of a Beyoncé or have managed to convince yourself that you either “can’t sing” or you’re “tone deaf” (both of which, I seeeriously doubt), here are some great reasons to do it anyway…

1. In the words of Madonna, “Express Yourself!”

Singing is a natural way of showing expression. You don’t have to consider yourself good at singing for singing to be good for you. It is something that the everybody can get involved with and benefit from socially, physically and psychologically!

2. Get ready for a dose of “feel-good” chemicals including endorphins.

Singing can be an amazingly effective mood-lifter. When you sing, your body releases enodorphins… happy chemicals! If you’re having a bit of a stressful day/time a sing through one of your favourite songs is a guaranteed way of cheering yourself up.

In the 8 years that we have been spreading the joy singing, we have had wonderful (and remarkable!) stories from people across the world who have experienced our sessions and as a result have recovered from depression, anxiety and more.

Singing really can change your life!

3. Aaaaand, relax.

Through singing we can learn to control our breathing, and how to use it as a tool to relax. If you’re feeling some sort of negative feeling (be that stress, anxiety, anger, upset etc.) just calmly inhaling and thinking about controlling your breathing will automatically make you feel better.

Singing encourages us to really think about how we breathe.

4. You’ll become a better listener.

By learning to sing, you will start to develop your musical ear and start to listen to yourself and other singers with a greater level of understanding. When you sing as a part of a choir sometimes the most important thing is to be able to listen to others.

5. Get your childhood confidence back!

It’s a known fact that children sing very easily and without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. Sometimes, as we grow up or experience judgement and criticism, the enjoyment of singing can get lost. We’re always being told stories of people being told that they “can’t sing” which has scarred them for life!

However, the vast majority of us can learn to sing with more confidence, freedom and control through practice in a safe space.

You can sing!

6. Get ready for a hectic social life.

Joining a choir and singing with other people can be rewarding and fun experience. It can also enhance your sense of community, connection and creativity.

Our choirs love meeting up at gigs and performing for family, friends and strangers! It’s a great way of meeting lots of new people and extending your circles.

7. Boost your memory… through song!

There is lots of memory work when it comes to singing:

You remember the lyrics.

You remember the notes.

You remember the pitch.

You remember the rhythm.

All this involves the use of memory! If you’re regularly doing this, your memory is going to improve.

8. There are serious health benefits.

Singing is an aerobic activity so it’s really good for your heart and lungs.

How great is that! These reasons are just scraping the surface of all the amazing benefits singing can have on your life.

We’d love to hear about any great reasons you might have for singing.


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