22nd June 2021

Superchoir is 10!

Superchoir has now been running for 10 years and we’re so proud of everything that has been achieved!

Back in 2011, Andrea Callanan had the amazing idea of creating a community choir in South Wales. This was to give people the opportunity to make friends and improve their wellbeing and singing through an evening blast. The choir was to be non-audition so anyone who wanted to sing could.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Physical Choirs

Superchoir has now been running for 10 years and we’re so proud of everything that has been achieved! We created two face to face choirs in South Wales, one in Cardiff and one in the Valleys.

From performing at Cardiff Bay, to Acapella studios in Cardiff, we provided our fabulous Superchoir members a plethora of opportunities to perform the fabulous arrangements. We would not be here today without the incredible enthusiasm of our members.

Superchoir Online

2020 presented a new challenge for Superchoir: How do we keep singing while we are in lockdown?

Chloe and Emily suggested becoming a virtual choir and running sessions on a video calling platform called Zoom, meaning that our members could continue to sing with us from the comfort of their own homes!

This presented an exciting opportunity for us to expand our membership to those outside of South Wales. It also allows members from all across the world to get involved with virtual choir rehearsals.

Since this, Superchoir has reached 100 members from both within South Wales and from different countries across the world. We’re so proud to have reached this major milestone, and are grateful that both our physical and online members have stuck with us through constantly changing times!

Virtual Performances

As well as this, members of Superchoir have taken part in several Virtual choir concerts since moving online!

Kicking them all off was the wonderful ‘Times Like These’ which we later released on all major streaming platforms. We raised over £4,500 for Cardiff & Vale Health Charity through Martha’s Dancing Heart appeal, to help fund their neonatal unit. We created this virtual performance for Luna’s Light, in memory of our wonderful friend Philippa’s baby girl who sadly died a few days after her birth. We are so proud to have put on an incredible virtual performance for such an amazing cause.

We then produced a virtual performance at Christmas for SANE, to help provide support for those suffering with mental health difficulties. We raised over £550 for SANE, and we are once again very proud to have been supporting such an incredible cause!

We also created a virtual performance to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Coming soon…

Our next virtual choir concert is to celebrate our 10th Birthday! Keep an eye out for ‘Let’s Dance and Be Heroes’ when it is released this month!

We are so proud of what we have achieved over the years and can’t wait to see what comes next for us.

Stay tuned for what we do next!


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