3rd May 2021

The power of virtual choir concerts – How Times Like These and Thank God It’s Christmas brought joy to Superchoir members

The pandemic did not end this energy, Chloe and Emily dedicated time and resources to ensure we could experience the best virtual choir possible! 

Before the first lockdown, we were in the middle of our Superchoir Growth Project. This involved creating ways to make the physical choirs more enjoyable for existing members, and coming up with ways of attracting new people. However, the pandemic did not end this energy, instead our incredible choir motivators Chloe and Emily dedicated time and resources to ensure we could experience the best virtual choir possible! 


So how do virtual choirs work? Being a virtual choir on Zoom means that members must remain muted throughout the call due to varying internet speeds and delay. This does mean we unfortunately lost the magic of singing in unison. However, an upside is we can be more relaxed in virtual rehearsals which can help members be more relaxed in rehearsals.


To compensate for not singing in unison, Emily and Chloe arranged two incredible online choir concerts for charitable causes, one in October and the second released in December. The motivators teach the arrangements through a combination of online choir rehearsals on Zoom and Facebook live video sessions for around two weeks. Then members have a period to record their part. They receive instructions on how to record the video and audio using two devices. In addition, they receive a mirrored video for members to copy as they are recording to help them through the process. Superchoirers can record as many attempts as they like. Once they are happy, they send it to Chloe for editing! 

There are four major elements of the success of virtual choir concerts that lead to amazing successes.  

The four elements are:


They are creative outlets to pass the time

Having a creative outlet is brilliant for wellbeing, and our online choir concerts are no exception. During times where we are limited in face to face interaction, having something to work towards can be especially rewarding. In addition, once Superchoir members finish the recording, everyone becomes excited about the release of virtual choir concert. 


These virtual choir concerts are charity fundraisers 

Being charity fundraisers is important because it the performance has extra meaning. Members become even more invested in the virtual choir concert, as they know that they are supporting a worthwhile cause. 

They mean you can sing with multiple people across the world. 

The best thing about an online choir is that the sky’s the limit in terms of distance! During the virtual choir rehearsals on Zoom, everyone can potentially catch up with friends from anywhere in the world. Then, during the virtual performance, they are together on screen, creating a vital message of unity.

Superchoirers have the freedom to learn their part and record in their own time before the deadline. 

Finally, due to everyone recording their part independently, everyone has flexibility to learn and record their part when they choose. This means a huge variety of people take part.


If you’ve asked yourself “Can I join a virtual choir?” Yes you can! We will be doing more virtual performances in the coming year, so why not get involved and sign up to join Superchoir Online? With the opportunity for you to get involved with two sessions a week, plus multiple charity virtual performances throughout the yearthere’s nothing to lose! 

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