What do our members say about Superchoir?

If you miss socialising, are looking for a boost, or need a bit of YOU time, we'd love to welcome you to the Superchoir family!

I came across Superchoir by coincidence, when a friend told me about it. Even though I have been singing in several choirs for over 10 years, I had no idea what how it would work online. I never expected it to be such fun. It really is a great organisation. You get your harmonies and lyrics the day before, so you can have a look what’s on before each session. These guys really make my day.  I really look forward to Thursdays.


Just to say a huge thank you to you both for all you are doing with Superchoir, particularly during these uncertain times and with what could be a long winter ahead. The sessions are fun and uplifting and are keeping me, and many others I’m sure, smiling and feeling positive during all of this.


Well done everyone. Such an amazing effort and end result. Luna’s light is definitely shining bright tonight.

Guys thank you so much for tonight and for the creation of this video Emily and Chloe!

You guys are super stars!

Absolutely loved the video of our ‘Times like these’ virtual choir. I felt very moved by it but also excited. Can’t wait to share it with friends and family. Hope we raise lots more money. So thrilled about the single too. Thanks Chloe and Emily, I will look forward to taking part in the Christmas one too.

Thank you so much Emily and Chloe for all your hard work and support in this beautiful fundraising project. When I signed mum and myself up for this my mum was just recovering from shingles. She was feeling really down, and I thought it would help lift her spirits to be part of something so much bigger than us and great fun too. Taking part in this has surpassed all expectations and we have created some amazing memories together that I will treasure forever. Thank you for all your support and encouragement through this time, we are so looking forward to the next steps and future projects with you all. We hope this raises a lot of money for beautiful Luna to fly higher than she already does. We are truly grateful and honoured to have been part of this.

That was incredible! Thank you to Chloe, Emily and Andrea for bringing us all together for this wonderful cause. I was shaking with excitement, pleasure and tears while I was listening to it. And then to hear it’s to be made into a single was just the icing on the cake. I think I was squealing incoherently for at least an hour! I’ve had a wonderful journey with Superchoir. It’s opened up opportunities for me to sing in a way I never thought I’d be able to again as I have a chronic illness. You’ve brought making music back into my life again after 20 years and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Emily, Chloe and Andrea, you’ve helped me to free the love of music in me again.

Wow just wow! Such an amazing thing to be a part of really special! It looked and sounded incredible. Thank you, Chloe and Emily for putting it all together and bringing people together for an amazing cause. Can’t wait to share far and wide!!

Really great to hear and see the final video. Thanks to all involved in getting Times like These produced in such a special way.

So proud to be involved in such a unique fundraising event. Well done to everyone who was brave enough to take part and a special thanks to our amazing motivators.

Just WOW! To say that I’m blown away by the video is an understatement! I was completely out of my comfort zone when recording it, but the result is so worth it! Thank you, Chloe and Emily. You are superstars. Sending much love to all.

Thank you so much Chloe and Emily – I wasn’t a member of Superchoir but found you just as you were starting the ‘Times Like These’ fundraiser, so thank you for letting a non-member in! I loved it all, and you’ve done a wonderful thing for Luna’s family and the neo-natal department. Can’t wait to share it next week.

That was absolutely awesome!!! So very proud to be part of this wonderful group of people, really felt the love tonight. Philippa, you are an immensely strong, inspirational woman, sending so much love to you James and Skye. Well done Chloe and Emily, you have done a fabulous job making us sound and look that good.

Absolutely blown away by tonight. Got to admit I nearly didn’t record as it made me so nervous but so glad I did. What an amazing job you’ve done Chloe, Emily and everyone involved. Phillipa so lovely to see you. Can’t wait to share this next Friday. Feel so much love tonight.

Guys you sounded amazing!! Gutted I missed out on the recording, but you were all incredible!! This Superchoir family of ours is so special! Will be sharing the shizzle out of the video when it goes live! Thanks to Emily and Chloe for doing magical things… love to Philippa and family… and thanks to Andrea for starting a business that’s so special and really has got me through a really tough few months.

Wow that sounded beautiful! From feeling a bit out of my comfort zone filming it, to hearing everyone singing together for a such a special cause, it’s amazing and so emotional. Thanks for all your hard work.

What an amazing video! So proud to be part of it! Thank you, Chloe and Emily for all your hard work, the result is more than worth all the pain of recording! So emotional! I was ok most of the way through, but the end set me off blubbering! So sweet! Lots of Love to Philippa, James and Skye.

Loved the video, found it very emotional. Thank you so much Chloe and Emily for making this happen.

That sounds and looks truly amazing. I’m still crying. Thank you all for such a lovely experience.

I’ve flooded the house with tears of pride. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING PEOPLE!

What an amazing thing we have all achieved and supported. Chloe and Emily, you should be so proud of yourselves. Sending love to you Phil, James and Skye.

Wow that was so incredible to watch. Loved it so much. Thanks to Chloe and Emily for all your coaching. So amazing. Proud to have been a part of this.

What an amazing video and arrangement. Huge love to Philippa and her family and thanks to Chloe and Emily for coaching us and being so supportive! Andrea, you have an amazing team! So honoured to be part of something so special in memory of baby Luna. As a children’s nurse I know how much any fundraising for such a special unit will be so appreciated. Well done everyone.

Just to say how proud I am to be involved in this and will admit to getting just a little emotional at the end seeing Philippa on screen. It sounded great and looked so good. Special thanks to Emily and Chloe for making it all happen – so professional, even I didn’t look too bad! Much love to all.

Omg what an amazing experience. I saw the advert for Luna’s Light after months battling Covid, unable to breath or do anything. All I wanted to do was feel better and sing and dance. I had about 2 weeks of feeling better, I saw the advert and just had to get involved. It has been an amazing and very emotional experience and something I will never forget. Thank you to the organisers who have worked so hard to put it all together, and huge love to Luna’s family and to all you lovely people involved. Thank you.

I was in hospital when saw this advertised, was a bit low and also missing my normal small community Zoom choir. Decided to join in as was also raising money for a lovely charity and gave me something to focus on on long days. Had to learn the song in my head until I was home middle of August to learn it properly. Well done to all involved and the Inspire Me Team Chloe and Emily who taught it to us so well.

So many thanks to you lovely people. I can feel all the love from here! It’s been a real privilege to be a part of it. You are a very talented and amazingly hardworking group of organisers and team players I will do my very best to raise as many funds as possible for this amazing venture. Thanks again, so much.

Just amazing. I am so moved by it all.

This is our first ever virtual performance and we have loved every minute. Its been an honour and a privilege to be part of this beautiful choir raising money and awareness in memory of beautiful Luna.

I have taken part in other virtual choir performances, but this one is completely different – more upbeat and out of my comfort zone really and I’m so pleased to have been a part of it. Thank you so much.

As a total newbie to here, to this and to you, I’m so privileged to be a part of this. Thank you so much for all the fun and hard work you’ve put in.

Brilliant job. I’m so glad I got involved! Love this group!!!

It’s been brilliant to be part of something so meaningful and important. I’ll definitely be taking part in the next one.

It was a fabulous thing to be a part of – because of the reason to raise money is so worthy, but also because Chloe and Emily are so fun and inspirational, and the song is brilliant.

Thanks for opening it up to non-Superchoir members, I loved being involved.

Your energy is great! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the work. To all in the choir… WE WERE GREAT.

Brilliant. I was nervous taking part, but the result is great. Great to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.

This was a real challenge out of my comfort zone but a wonderful experience to be part of something so beautiful. I feel comforted by being part of a family – thanks and huge hugs for letting me be a tiny part of this.

An amazing experience. I really enjoyed learning and recording the song. Absolutely amazing to see the finished video. Thank you to Chloe and the Superchoir team for all your enthusiasm and all the work you’ve put in to creating an amazing video.

So great to be part of this. You guys have so much energy which is contagious. I honestly loved it and would really like to do it again.

It was all rather scary and an odd experience seeing myself on screen. But it has been such a positive and worthwhile experience thanks to you Chloe and the team.

This is what choir family is all about – caring, sharing and having fun.

A wonderful experience being part of something so special for someone so special – and brilliantly led. Can’t wait for the next one!

Felt very privileged to be a part of this wonderful choir and cause.

An amazing experience with huge love to Philippa and family. So honoured to be involved.

I was in hospital when I found you and it gave me something positive to focus on.

Superchoir for life!

You guys are so amazing. It was such a challenge for me, but also so much fun. I just loved it.

Truly lovely to be part of something so special. Love our choir family.

Absolutely loved this so much. would love to get involved on a more regular basis! You guys are ace.

An amazing experience and now a single?!

Thank you for letting us be involved in something so special.

That was absolutely incredible!!

AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh!!! So so SO amazing!!

You are amazing. Chloe and Em have really got us through lockdown and doing this amazing thing.

Superchoir is a great find. It popped up on Facebook so I thought I would give it a try. It was easy to set up once instructed. Immediately I felt buzzy about this group of people singing away.  It is relaxed, very connecting and helps people in this period of isolation. Really enjoying it.


I am LOVING Superchoir. It’s improved my voice for sure – I practise the day before so now we’re ‘on’ 3 times a week I’m singing every day!! To the cat, most of the time, but hey ho!

You are such great choir leaders too – you make it such fun. And you pick everyone out for congratulations at least once during each session – we all purr with pride when you do!!! Seriously – it’s part of my life now.