Our unbeatable workplace choirs connect employees across departments and sites in the most creative way… through song!

Singing in the workplace has an incredible impact on employees and improves many business metrics including happiness at work, productivity, company pride, workplace stress and NPS scores.

We offer long-term, short-term and standalone projects for teams of all sizes.

How we positively impact businesses...

The Royal College of Nursing had Superchoir deliver a stand-alone teambuilding activity for their attendees at their Nursing Support Workers’ Day in November 2022.

Our one-off teambuilds are high-energy, mood-boosting feel-great! Here you can see how the 1-hour session left delegates feeling totally uplifted and full of positivity.

Our amazing Admiral Superchoir was featured in an episode of ‘Hayley Goes… Happy’ in 2021. The episode focussed on singing for happiness and the incredible affect it has on employees in the workplace. The Admiral Superchoir has since transformed into a global initiative, where employees across sites, including France, Italy, Spain, India, Canada and America can participate via online choir sessions. 

Louise Hodges, Operations Manager Retentions at EE, discusses the outstanding impact a Superchoir has had on employees and business results. The choir has been attributed to the incredible success of the Merthyr site and is recognised as an initiative that improves business metrics including happiness at work, customer service, company pride and workplace culture.

Who are our customers?

We work with some incredible companies who place their colleagues firmly in the centre of all that they do. Take a look at our client roster.

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